Natasha Uzcátegui-Liggett. Credit: Anne Leocha Friant

Natasha Uzcátegui-Liggett

Statistical Journalist

Natasha Uzcátegui-Liggett is a Statistical Journalist at The Markup. She is passionate about empowering communities with the data they need to drive positive change; her projects focus on wielding statistics to help expose injustice and guide policies to address inequality.

Natasha has more than six years of experience in statistical research and has worked in a wide variety of application fields, including climate, public health, and finance. She specializes in machine learning methods and is passionate about seeking ways to help decode algorithm’s black boxes so we can better understand how they make decisions.

Before joining The Markup, Natasha was a Data Scientist at the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research where her analyses worked to reduce global food insecurity and help subsistence farmers adapt to climate change. Some of her other statistical investigations have uncovered bias in U.S. public health initiatives and revealed the failure of government programs to mitigate deforestation. Natasha studied Statistics and Data Science at Yale University.

(Photograph by Anne Leocha Friant.)