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Donations Policy

The Markup is a nonpartisan, nonprofit newsroom that produces meaningful data-centered journalism that will help to illuminate how powerful institutions are using technology in ways that impact people and society. We aim to hold the powerful to account, raise the cost of bad behavior and spur reforms.

At the heart of our work is a commitment to journalistic integrity, independence, transparency and accountability. We want readers to be able to trust that our work is free of inappropriate influence, and that means there are some kinds of gifts and donations we choose not to accept. Please see our Journalistic Ethics Policy for more on how we interact with donors.

The purpose of this policy is to specify the types of gifts and donations that The Markup will and will not accept and how they will be processed and acknowledged. Interpretation of this policy will be handled by The Markup’s Executive Director, and where necessary, its Board of Trustees.

Donations and gifts we accept

The Markup gratefully accepts donations and gifts from individuals and private foundations, philanthropic trusts and other charitable endeavors.

Except as described below, The Markup gratefully accepts donations and gifts from individuals and private foundations, charitable trusts and other philanthropic endeavors. We only accept unrestricted gifts.

The Markup accepts gifts of money in any amount. We accept gifts of marketable securities, which will be sold as soon as feasible, and which will be valued on the date the securities are contributed. We accept employer matching contributions from any source.

We accept anonymous donations, by which we mean we accept donations for which The Markup does not know the source. Read more about anonymous donations at our Donations FAQ.

We accept cy près funds or funds from out-of-court settlements of legal disputes, and will report on the use of the funds as directed. Read more about cy près awards at our Donations FAQ.

We reserve the right to refuse any gift or donation for any reason.

Donations and gifts we don’t accept

The Markup does not accept donations or gifts from corporations or corporate foundations, nor do we accept funding from any level of government in the United States. That’s because we frequently cover corporate and government activities and we want our readers to be able to trust that our work is independent and free of inappropriate influence. Excluded contributions include cash and sponsorship or partnerships of any kind. We may choose to accept donated or discounted goods and services, in some circumstances.

The Markup does not accept gifts of tangible personal property such as cars or art, or real estate, because we are not large enough to easily process that type of gift.

Staff of The Markup are prohibited from accepting any work-related gift with a value of $25 or more unless approved by the Executive Director. Unless approved, gifts with a value of $25 or more will be returned or disposed of.

How we process and acknowledge donations and gifts

All donations and gifts will receive an acknowledgement within 10 days, with formal tax acknowledgement to follow before the end of the calendar year.

All donors contributing $5,000 or more will be recognized on our benefactors page, except donors whose identity we do not know, who will be listed as anonymous. If you do not want to be listed as a benefactor, please give anonymously. Please see our Donations FAQ for more on donating anonymously.

We aim to respect the privacy of our donors. Please see our Privacy Policy to learn more about how donors' personal information and incidental data may be collected, used, and stored by us.

The Markup currently has a fiscal sponsorship agreement with NEO Philanthropy. NEO Philanthropy has access to The Markup donor information, and has agreed to follow this policy and our Privacy Policy, with regards to its sponsorship of The Markup.

The Markup does not provide legal, financial or other professional advice to donors or prospective donors. We urge donors and prospective donors to seek the assistance of their own advisors in matters relating to their gifts and the resulting tax and estate planning consequences.

The Markup’s Donations Policy will change from time to time. However, any revised Donations Policy will be consistent with The Markup’s mission, and with our commitment to journalistic integrity, independence, transparency and accountability. We will continue to keep archived (previous) versions of the Donations Policy available on the site after they have been superseded by updated versions, so that users may review what's changed.

Questions and comments about this policy may be directed to The Markup very much appreciates its donors, and we thank you for your support.

See also The Markup’s Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Ethics Policy, and Donation FAQ.

First published: September 23, 2018
Last revised: September 30, 2018